It all began innocently enough. A group of men from the Penn Glee Club one day decided they were tired of singing all old barbershop and musical theater standards. This new group set out with the goal of revolutionizing a cappella, discarding the stuffy dress code, tired pop arrangements, and boring semi-circle stage formation which sadly continue to plague the genre to this day.


Starting in 1989, they burst onto the Penn music scene with so much energy and original style that audiences were powerless to resist screaming at the top of their lungs and begging for more. In fact, within a year of their inception, The Pennchants won Penn’s first (and to date, only) inter-Penn a cappella competition, and we’ve got the trophy to prove it.


A veritable all-male sonic avalanche, The Pennchants have drawn praise from audiences all across the country for their inventive arrangements, inspired choreography, and alarmingly rugged good looks.


Since their departure from the Glee Club in the spring of 2001 (no hard feelings, guys), The Pennchants have continued to grow at a tremendous rate, touring practically non-stop, and winning fans across the country and in several foreign countries as well.



A passionate group of men that manages to balance Ivy League academics with touring, recording, brand-sponsored photoshoots, music video shoots, and high-profile performances, The Pennchants have earned widespread recognition as a group that is bringing fresh energy to a genre which many agree has “seen better days,” and never fail to win audiences’ hearts, wherever they go.