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Support The Pennchants

Made a ca-possible by fans like you.

All donations contribute to essential group operations, including

recording | Travel | performances | financial assistance to members

Thanks to your donations, any singer can be a 'chant,

regardless of financial background.

Why Donate?

Donating to the Pennchants is not only easy, it's also tax-deductible, employer-matchable, and recorded as a donation to the University of Pennsylvania by the Alumni Department.

The Power of Your Donation

$15     covers copyright for 1 song for 1 year on Spotify

$75      covers one hour in the recording studio to give a                                         Graduating pennchant a released senior song 

               OR Covers majority of travel costs for tristate trips

$250   covers microphone rentals for one concert

               OR one student sound/light technician for our tech weeks

               OR covers all merchandise for the newchant class

               OR Covers all website fees per year to keep this up

$500  funds one full recording and production of a senior song

               OR covers all costs of one fall retreat

$1500 - funds a full music video

               OR Funds all audio production needs for one year

If there is any project that you would like to help us take on, reach out to pennchants@gmail.com with your idea.

To make a donation, use the gift form below to contribute to our penn gift fund.

How to Donate