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Support The Pennchants

Made a ca-possible by fans like you.

All donations contribute to essential group operations, including

recording | Travel | performances | financial assistance to members

Thanks to your donations, any singer can be a 'chant,

regardless of financial background.

Why Donate?

Donating to the Pennchants is not only easy, it's also tax-deductible, employer-matchable, and recorded as a donation to the University of Pennsylvania by the Alumni Department.

The Power of Your Donation

$15     covers copyright for 1 song for 1 year on Spotify

$75    covers one hour in the recording studio to give a                                         Graduating pennchant a released senior song 

               OR Covers majority of travel costs for tristate trips

$250   covers microphone rentals for one concert

               OR one student sound/light technician for our tech weeks

               OR covers all merchandise for the newchant class

               OR Covers all website fees per year to keep this up

$500  funds one full recording and production of a senior song

               OR covers all costs of one fall retreat

$1500 - funds a full music video

               OR Funds all audio production needs for one year

If there is any project that you would like to help us take on, reach out to with your idea.

To make a donation, use the gift form below to contribute to our penn gift fund.

How to Donate

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